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Bathtubs could be made of fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic or metallic materials. You can determine material by tapping the surface with a metal spoon. If you hear a hollow, non-metallic sound, bath - the bathtub is made of fiberglass or acrylic. Enamel and porcelain bathtubs will be much harder and metallic in tone.


Often baths get scratches, chips, cracks, dents, and these are annoying and potentially damaging. If you prefer not to employ a bathtub repair specialist, you can do a bathtub repair yourself. You can carry this work out by purchasing a bathtub repair kit from a specialist supplier or local DIY store. The bathtub repair kit will contain various items including a resin and a resin hardener, fiberglass mesh and colorants, sandpaper and thickener for application of adhesive on vertical bathtub cracks.

There should also be protective gloves and mixing pots. The area to be repaired in the bath needs a thorough cleaning before you start the bathtub repair and treating it with a solvent such as acetone to ensure firm adherence. Then you need to determine how big the bathtub hole or crack is. If it is more than 0.5cm, the resin will not be sufficient, and you will need the fiberglass mesh. If it’s a small bathtub repair, the adhesive will be adequate. You should then mix the colorant that comes with the kit and matches it to the color of your bathtub. Following the instructions carefully, you should then mix the resin in with the colorant and hardener. It’s important to stir these together thoroughly, but after 10-15 minutes they will harden too much to be workable. Then apply the mixture over the cloth or directly into the small hole or crack on the bath, using the protective gloves and spatula provided in the kit. The mixture will need around two hours to harden at average room temperature. Once dried the place should be sanded, taking care not to sand the undamaged areas of the bathtub. You can apply a second coat of mixture if required, or else add the colorant and resin without the hardener with a fine brush. Once dry, sand with fine sandpaper and buff the repair area to restore the bathtub’s original gloss. If a fiberglass bath has a large crack, it is best to approach the bathtub repair from the underside, but if the crack is very long, it may destabilize the bath completely, so it is always wise to be cautious when getting in after a bathtub repair like this has been done. A human body and a bathtub full of water is a heavy load!



Bathtub repairs such as chips and scratches can be resolved with a simple glaze. These can be purchased to match the color of your bathtub and are easily applied. You need to clean the area around the scratch thoroughly, leave it to dry and then use the glaze. It should be left for 24 h, then sanded with fine sandpaper and buffed with a cloth.

Deeper cracks or scratches must need to be treated with a resin. The resin should be applied to the affected area, then once dry, sanded and coated with a glaze to match the color of your bathtub.

Note: check that your kit is suitable for the surface of your bath, some are suitable for fiberglass, ceramic and enamel baths as well.

It is worth investing in bathtub repair as this can extend its life for several years as well as give obvious cosmetic benefits.

Bath - Bathtub resurfacing

Reasons for a bath - bathtub resurfacing

  • The bath - the bathtub is hard to clean and however hard you try never looks clean,
  • The bath - bathtub has stains and lime-scale,
  • The bath - bathtub has been chipped and is looking bad,
  • The bath - the bathtub is cleaned, but soon seems grubby again.

Bathtub resurfacing is a more complicated job that can involve toxic chemicals, and it may be wise to employ a professional to do the job. It’s significantly cheaper than replacing your bathtub but will still include an investment in the future of your bath.


Enamel bathtubs are expensive, so you may wish to give it a new lease of life with a bathtub resurfacing treatment. Bathtub resurfacing involves cleaning and sanding your bath - bathtub down and then applying a special paint with a roller or brush. Baths can lose their shine quite quickly over time and resurface is an excellent way to smarten up your bath without having to purchase a new one.

Bathtub resurfacing can also be carried out on an acrylic bath. A specific chemical is applied to the bathtub as bonding, and the bathtub resurfacing product applied to the acrylic tub. That gives a glossy, clean looking finish which is easier to clean and looks as good as new. 

Bathtub resurfacing can be carried out on any bath, leaving a new looking, clean, durable bath surface that will stand for years and is much cheaper than a total bathtub replacement.

Bathtub restoration and relining services - baths can quickly be restored and have their lives extended by some years. Part of bathtub restoration is bathtub resurfacing.


Bathtub restoration and relining services can also refinish a bathtub by cleaning, sanding, patching, and paint over your existing surface. Bathtub restoration and relining services providers use a special coating made just for baths, not regular paint off the shelf.

Rust staining on an enamel bath can easily be removed with a specialist cleaning agent or just with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. That should be left on the stain overnight and should be gone by morning. Bathtub stubborner stains can be removed with ammonia or a specialist rust removal product.

Bathtub restoration and relining services are a favorite business. There are numerous professionals offering bathtub restoration and relining services, and it’s mainly popular amongst landlords who want to jazz up a rental property without spending a fortune. Bathtub restoration and relining services are also regarded as a much cheaper option for guesthouses and hotels.

As bathtub resurfacing can be expensive, other forms of bathtub restoration can be more affordable. Bathtub restoration and relining services can offer bathtub polishing, which involves chemically cleansing and polishing the bathtub so that it looks much fresher. Bathtub refinishing as it’s called a cheaper option provided by bathtub restoration and relining services providers and can be durable, but its downside is that it is delicate and can be difficult to clean without damaging the tub.

For enamel baths, bathtub restoration and relining services employ a more complicated process. The best durability of bathtub restoration on an enamel bath involves applying a layer of vitreous enamel to the surface of the tub, rather than just pure paint. Bathtub restoration of this type can be quite an upheaval, as the bathtub usually must to be removed from the home.


If you want, a new looking bathtub without replacing it, employing bathtub restoration and relining services could be for you.

Bathtub restoration and relining services will measure your bathtub for a special skin and lining, and it’s merely applied over the old bath and surround. It is a good option if your bath was particularly damaged or stained, but with specialist bathtubs, bathtub relining can ruin the finish of the original tub, so bathtub resurfacing may be a preferable option. The acrylic lining is around ¼ inch thick and is adhered with waterproof glue and sealed around the edges of the bath and surround.

Bathtub restoration and relining services will mold the lining to fit your existing bath and fix it with foam. That even keep the bathtub warmer for longer, and it can be done in a short time, so it is a popular choice of bath relining for care homes and hospitals, etc. where a quick turnaround is necessary. This form of bath relining also negates the need for chemicals and fumes, so again these environments can benefit from this form of bathtub relining, and often employ bathtub restoration and relining services as a result.

Bathtub relining does have disadvantages as water can get between the skin and lining, and mold and mildew can form. It’s essential to opt for a thick acrylic skin which is more durable than thinner options. Bathtub relining can be expensive as well, but it does last well, so if longevity is your objective, bathtub restoration and relining services might be the right choice for you.


Bathtub Installation

It’s time to get that much-dreamed bathroom. As odd as it may sound, a bathroom should be one of the most attractive parts of a home. A dominant part of the bathroom – the first thing that hits the eye – is the bathtub. That can be hard enough work to pick it out, say nothing of bath installation or replacement. That’s why it’s an advisable investment to hire a professional bath - bathtub installation and replacement services provider to take on all the stressors and headaches. This article can serve as a guide to the bath – bathtub installation process – including prior considerations – plus reasons why bath - bathtub replacement services may be required. It will also touch upon factors to consider when hiring bath - bathtub installation and replacement services, and what could happen as a result of improper care and overdue repairs.


There is a list of preliminaries that many installers may carry out before the full bath - bathtub installation. Some of these may depend on the condition or status of the bathroom.

  • Survey and Site Inspection – as with household appliances in kitchens and so on, many bathroom installers will want to inspect the condition of the bathroom in question. Among other things, they will assess whether the chosen bathtub will suit the desired location, plus what plumbing work will be entailed.

It is best to have done some research and thinking beforehand. Take some measurements of the space around where the bathtub is to be installed. Also, consider the doors and passageways. Will there be any difficulty in fitting a bath through the doorway? If the bathroom is upstairs, will the stairwells also pose a problem?

A site inspection before the bath – bathtub installation will highlight some of these issues to solve them in time.

  • Bath - bathtub Delivery – assuming all is well following the site inspection, the bath - bathtub (along with the rest of the bathroom suite in some cases) can be delivered. Any bathtub installation service worth their salt will be able to arrange a delivery date and time that suits you (it would be counterproductive not to do so). This article will look further into what to consider when hiring a bath - bathtub installation service later in the article.

Upon delivery, before the bath installation, the installers may also remove and dispose of the old tub – depend on services that have been paid for; removal and disposal may be included as part of the service in some cases; in others, it may cost extra.

Bath - bathtub installation – this part of the service will be self-explanatory. Apart from the removal mentioned above and disposal of the old bathtub, the bath - bathtub installers will do little else special – unless they have an entire bathroom to put in. They will take care of all the internal plumbing work involved and test the product before putting into operation to ensure there are no leaks or faults.

Additionally, depending on the design, they may deal with any surrounding tiling work – this will differ from service to service and should not be assumed to be part of the package. Again, do the research first.


Ensuring a trustworthy and reputable standard is met is imperative before hiring bath installation and replacement services. But additionally, it is also important to consider all the factors that will better assure the clients of the best possible customer experience.

For advice on the considerations, please refer to the checklist below. Any research done before the purchase can help avoid “cowboy” jobs and scam artists, saving money and stress in turn.

  • Research what types of the bath - bathtubs the bathroom installers deal in; There may be specific additional requirements that the bath - bathtub installers are not qualified to carry out. For example, a whirlpool bath requires extra-complicated plumbing, so if this is the desired kind of tub, be sure to hire a bathtub installation service that can deal with whirlpools.
  • Check to see if the bathtub installation is carried out in the same visit as the delivery. Some installers may not provide delivery and bath - bathtub installation in the same visit, mainly when the bathroom in question is in an unfinished condition. If the bath - bathtub installers are not involved in the rest of the bathroom installation, premature bath – bathtub installation may cause other problems further along with the project.
  • Inquire into whether the bathtub installation service also removes and recycles the old bath. If they do, ask if the additional services impose a surcharge. Some installers will do it for free or as part of the package. Other services will not.
  • As aforementioned, it would be in the bath – bathtub installation company’s best interests to suit the client’s needs as to convenience. However, for customers who are full-time workers, it is best practice to ascertain with the bathtub installation service that they can deliver and install on weekends.
  • Make sure to check that the bathtub installers have certification or accreditation by a relevant authority, manufacturer or professional body. This information should be stated very clearly on the company website. However, less computer-literate companies may not, and in these cases, be sure to ask for proof of certification before committing to hiring this service. Doing so will assist in separating the quality of service providers from the scam artists.


Fair wear-and-tear happens all through a house over time. A bathtub is no exception, and there will be times where repairs and replacement services will be required. However, these things cost money. To have such maintenance appropriately done, clients cannot stint on expenses. Some things happen cost-effectively, and bathtub replacement services are among them, making these services necessary.

It sounds extreme, but there are many issues in which bath - bathtub replacement is the only option. They cannot just be repaired and left in a sub-standard condition. Things such as significant water leaks and structural damage pose too much danger to homeowners and tenants. However, in these cases, the professional bath - bathtub replacement services should possess all the tools and experience to remove the affected bathtub and replace it.

These are not simple tasks and by no means should a client take a “do-it-yourself” approach to bathtub replacement. Trained and qualified professionals should always handle bathtub replacement services.

However, not every problem with the bathtub must result in a replacement. Some common issues that can be repaired, rather than making a total bathtub replacement service necessary.

When it comes to bathtubs, a common – if not the most typical – issue is leaking. These are most often caused by hairline cracks somewhere in the tub. The bathtub installation service who installed the product in the first place should have an aftercare program in place. They should be able to repair issues like these quickly. There are listed some of the common problems that simple repairs to a bathtub can resolve:

  • Bathtub leaks caused by hairline cracks and holes
  • Leaking or broken bath faucets
  • Leaking or broken bathtub shower heads
  • Clogged bath drains, which can result in standing water

The results of not attending to any issues that merit repairs or replacement are detailed in the next section.


As mentioned in the previous section, the most common problems in bathtubs stem from leaks. At first, these will be dismissed as minor issues that can be attended to later. That is not the case at all. In fact, there are significant risks to residents’ health by ignoring so-called small leaks.

For example, and most obviously, the longer a small leak is left unattended, the more likely it is to develop into a more significant problem. More substantial leaks can cause structural damage, flooding, the list goes on, and bathtub replacement services will need to be consulted immediately in the event of any of these.

Flooding is catastrophic in a home. Also, continued water leakage can drip through the floorboards and ceilings below. Dripping in the wrong places could potentially cause electrical fires and other severe damage. While a simple bath - bathtub repair can fix a small leak, significant leaks will require the attention of full, professional bathtub replacement services.

The other primary consideration is mold and fungal growth. The water damage from leaking bathtubs provides the damp conditions in which mold thrive. The spores the mold release can be breathed in after becoming airborne, which in turn can severely affect resident's health especially since a couple of species are poisonous.